7% Rates for $40,000 and over Bail Bonds in Tulsa

When potential clients shop around for bail bond rates in Tulsa, they expect to pay up to 10 percent on even the larger bonds.  We understand that you need the lowest rate possible, so on all Bail Bonds that are $40,000 and higher we charge 7%, if you have all the money up front.  If you think about it for a second, this can save you a lot of money. Why would we offer such low rates, first to gain your business and to help good people who need help.

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 Why Do We Offer Such Low Rates For Bonds

Bail Bonds are not cheap by no means in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but we can lower them because the premiums are not regulated by the Oklahoma Insurance Department  and by us keeping our overhead as low as possible, we can provide our service at a much lower rate.  As long as you have a Qualified Cosigner and the cash up front, we can help, if not we will still offer you a low rate but we cannot do this rate on a payment plan. We can still knock of a good chunk depending on what kind of time is allowed.  if you can pay the balance within 1 month then yes we can do it for 7% with half down.  If its 2 months we can go as low as 8% on the premium.  Call us Today, to see what we can work out with you.

Another Reason to Pay 7% rates for bail bonds, so you can hire a Attorney.

By saving money, you may be able to hire you loved ones proper Legal Counsel.  Bail Bondsman can have defendants out of jail while they go to court.  We always advice to Shop around for a Attorney as well.  Good attorneys do not have to be expensive ones.  By making sure you have a good Attorney it may help you better with the Legal System.  It is vital that you do look around and do reviews as well before you obtain a Attorney.  We can help you by  you utilizing the money you save for a retainer.  We believe that by offering you lower rates that you may tell friends about us and in turn may help us in the future.  We like to thank you for looking at our Website.  We try to keep you informed on any Daily Specials we may have, and actually helping you as well.  This is why we are The Bail Bonds Industry Leader in Tulsa, Oklahoma.