Looking for Good Bondsmen To Work with us.

Tulsa Bail Agents

Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa is looking for Bondsmen that can post Bail bonds throughout Oklahoma.  We need to hear from you and would like professional people in our team.  We can talk to you and have you visit with our Professional Bondsman Curt Pletcher.  Let us know if your interested in being a posting agent as well.

date posted; 02/28/18

Location: Tulsa and all Counties across Oklahoma.

Contact:  Angel Alameda 

Contact Number: 901-599-7651

Mail Resume to: 308 N Xenophon Ave, Tulsa Oklahoma, 74127

Process Servers

Every Bail Bonds Agency needs a good relationship with Process Servers.  We are looking for people willing to help us serve papers and expand our services in Oklahoma.- Position Open

Notary Public

We are looking for a Notary Public that is willing to meet our clients 24 hours a day to help them.  We get your info and give it to our clients to use your services. Please Contact us for more Information.- Posittion Filled.

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Alameda Bail Bonds Located by Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Alameda Bail Bonds Located by Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.