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Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa offers 24/7 service to the new Tulsa Municipal Jail located at 600 civic center in Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We can have you loved ones out and back to work or at home within minutes of calling us.   If the defendant has both city and county bonds, no worries we can help with those as well.  We can make the bail bond process easy for you by meeting you at the municipal jail and having you fill out the necessary bail bond contract.  We ask that you bring a I.D. and a paystub if you have one to show proof of emplyment.  When you are done with the application the bondsman will have written the bonds out and then gives it to the Municipal Court clerk.  The court clerk will have the defendant sign the bail bonds and the release process will start.  When the defendant is release from jail they will get a court date to return and will have to continue to go through all dates given until a judge makes a ruling. then and only then will the bail bond be exonerated.

Tulsa Municipal Jail  Phone Number & Links     

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Call Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa if you have any questions or need assistance for any Tulsa municipal bond.  We are here day and night for your needs. We have added some important links to further assist you if you need or not need any municipal bonds, or  just want to check for warrants or had questions about a ticket. these links can provide you with websites that are owned by the City of Tulsa.  At Alameda Bail Bonds we offer bilingual services, Hablamos Espanol !  Call 918-599-7651 now to speak to the bondsman about any Municipal Jail bail bonds, or if you prefer texting please text 918-351-7267 we usually answer within minutes.  



Helpful Numbers
Tulsa Municipal Jail: (918) 596-2347
Municipal Bond Office: (918) 596-9253
Municipal Court Records: (918) 596-1625

Why did Tulsa Get a new City Jail in 2018?

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The City of Tulsa has built their own city Municipal jail to house inmates for all municipal crimes. Tulsa City Mayor G. T. Bynum and the City Council decided to built this facility in order to save money that they were paying Tulsa County Sheriffs Office to otherwise house them in the County jail.  If anyone is arrested in the City of Tulsa on any Municipal charge they will be housed in this facility from now on,  They can use Surety bail bonds to be released unless they have cash only bonds, unfortunately on those they will have to be paid in full for the inmate to be released. Thank you for visiting our website.