Frequently Asked  Bail Bond Questions

At Alameda bail Bonds in Tulsa we try to answer as many questions about the bail bonding Industry.  We understand that most people have never even heard of such a thing as a bail bond or whom a bail bondsman is.  Its OK,the majority of people only heard of a bondsman from the television show Dog the Bounty Hunter.  We have made this page just for this reason, to give you a better sense of what we do, and what you need to know.  If you have any questions or just need service call 918-599-7651, we are here to help. 

Can you help people who don't have the money until Payday?

Yes we can help you, depending on the situation. Its out job to  help families get back together. If you don't have all the money at once, or do not get paid until payday, call Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa, we will listen to you and will do our best to help you.  We try to help everyone Bond out of jail please look at our payment plan page.

Any advice on lowering larger Bail Bonds? 

Yes. If the bond is extremely high, we will show you ways to save money by hiring a Attorney and getting a Bail Reduction Hearing. Though this is not guaranteed, if granted this can save you thousands ,and you could use the savings for a attorney to help fight the court case. 

Can people use their Property as Collateral in Oklahoma ?

Yes . Did you know if you own any property in Oklahoma you might be able to use it as collateral on a bond. If your house or land (or real estates) is free and clear, you may be able to use it with Tulsa County Courts and other county courts. if you don't have property we will still try to help you find a way that might be able to lower the original amount. Attorneys might be able to have a (bond reduction) hearing to ask if the Judge will lower the amount of Bail. If the amount gets lower, with the money you saved you can used it towards something else the defendant need such as legal representation (Attorney) and (court costs). You will save thousands of dollars by using our Professional services. If the bond amount  is really high, call us and we will  work with you.

Do you offer no collateral Bail Bonds?

 Yes, On larger bonds up to $50,000, we may offer no collateral Bail, if certain requirements can be met. At Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa, part of Company policy is to help people.  Even if we don't get your business we will help you in ways few other Tulsa bail bonds companies will.  Customer service is important and you will get it with us, customers should be treated w and we believe in the code of Ethics. 

Do you offer services to Out of State Cosigners?

Yes we can help.  Depending on the charges and if the person arrested is a student, working, or lives in Tulsa but their family does not, we understand some families do not live in the the same State, call us and lets see if we can bond out your family member out of Jail. 

Are you a confidential Bail Bonds Agency?

Yes, we don't speak to no one other then the defendant and Cosigner about anything.  By utilizing our bail bond service you will get a peace of mind knowing you made a educated decision for your loved ones or friends. our agency stands behind every client we post bail bonds for in Tulsa or elsewhere in Oklahoma. We help all people and never judge them.  Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa all clients are innocent and they will have their day in court to prove their innocence. At our Tulsa Bail Bonds agency you will have privacy as well. It's part of our service not to speak to anyone about clients or Cosigners.  Please keep in mind though, if a defendant skips, and we need to locate them, then we will have to.

Do you provide services in Tulsa for large Bail Bonds only?

No, we understand that nowadays it gets harder to find a Bondsman that will get up in the middle of the night to get someone out of Jail unless it involves a huge amount of money.  This will not happen at Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa, we not only process Felony Bail Bonds in Tulsa, we also provide  Misdemeanor and Municipal Bail as well.  Yo can rest assure that you will get your loved ones out of Jail when you call our Bail agents no matter on how small the Bond may be.  We feel it is necessary to provide services to all in Tulsa, Oklahoma and we will remain the best choice for a unique bail bonding experience. 

Is there certain information that i will need when I call a Bail Bondsman?

Yes, The Bondsman will need the defendant’s full legal name and the Date of Birth, if you have it this it would help us greatly, also we will need to know where the defendant was arrested at. 

If I decide that I want to pay for services, how much will it be to get a bail bond?

This depends on the size of the bail, you can feel free to check out our rates page to give you a idea.  If its a large Bond please call us to see if we are able to work something out to help you.

Where do we meet to pay?

Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa wants all clients to know that the Bail Bonds they pay for, are being put in while they do the paperwork, this is for you to make sure that we are doing our job.  We can meet you at any jail in Tulsa and Oklahoma. 

Are the Bail Bond fees refundable?

No. Once a Bail Bond is posted and the defendant signs for the bond it cannot be refunded.  If there is a Payment agreement the Balance would have to be paid even if the courts dismiss the charges.  Once the defendant steps foot out of a jail the service has been made.

Will I be dealing with a license Bail Bondsman only?

Yes, You will only be dealing with a Licensed Oklahoma Bondsman, Angel Alameda License # 40005200.  At times we cannot attend many locations at once so the other Bondsman you may meet will be Tulsa Bondsman and Owner Of Big Time Bail Bonds, Jeremy Shepard (918) 510-2680,  Between the alliance of these two Bondsmen we can offer true 24 hour bail bonds at the lowest rates in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Do you only do 24 hour Bail Bonds at the David L Moss Jail?

No, we provide 24 hour Bail Bonds Service to Tulsa County Jail, Juvenile Detention Center in Tulsa, Sand Springs Jail, Owasso Jail, Skiatook Jail, Broken Arrow Jail, Bixby Jail, Glenpool Jail, Collinsville Jail, and Skiatook Jail as well.

Do you do bail bonds anywhere else in Oklahoma?

Yes, Angel Alameda is licensed by the Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner Office and is license for Statewide Oklahoma Bail Bonds.  We can post bail bonds throughout the State of Oklahoma.  Though due to laws.  we can only post bail bonds in other counties during regular business hours.  We can assist you in every county in Oklahoma with Bail bonds.

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