Jenks Bail Bonds Service

We are your first choice  Jenks Bail Bonds agency that provides the cheapest rates in Jenks, Oklahoma, and our business is open 24 hours a day to meet your highest expectations for services.  When someone is arrested and booked into the Jenks Jail, it can be a headache finding a Bondman in the middle of the night. We keep our agents on standby and ready to assist you with all your bail bonding needs in the city of Jenks.  We offer the cheapest rates available so expect to save money with our Bondsman.

Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma

Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma


Faster Jenks Bail Bonds Service

When you call out Bondsman usually the average time to have the person out of jail is within an hour.  We will go to the jail in Jenks, meet you and have someone cosign for the bond, and The cosigner guarantees us that the defendant  go to all the court dates that the judge issues.  You are financially responsible for the person that is bonded out of custody until they make all appearance required by the courts.  We fill out a bail bond contract so please have your identification and a pay stub. We may need a bill to verify your address.  Once you fill out the application and the fee is paid the Bondsman can post the bonds.  Make sure you know the person you are cosigning for in case we have to locate them.  That can save everyone a hassle.  We charge you a percentage of the full amount of the bonds, and once the person completes all court obligations, we exonerate you from the bond.

Bilingual Bail Bondsman In Jenks, Oklahoma

We offer bilingual services, our Bilingual Jenks Bail Bondsman, can assist Spanish people in the city of Jenks.  We make this a natural process for you.  We offer payment plans and accept all major credit cards for our bail bonds service, to better assist you.  We also provide 24-hour service to all other jails in Tulsa County and offer statewide service if you live in Jenks and need bail bonds elsewhere in Oklahoma.  We are the cheapest bonding agency available on this side of the state to help you in your time of need.  Call us 24 hours a day, and we can assist you with all your Jenks Bail Bonds solutions.


Jenks Jail Address

211 N Elm St, Jenks, OK 74037

 Jail Phone Number: (918) 299-6311