Oklahoma Artwork in Owasso, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Artwork in Owasso, Oklahoma

Helping Parents With Tulsa Juvenile Bail Bonds

Alameda Bail Bonds Tulsa Juvenile  specializes in all Juvenile Bail Bonds 24 hours here in the City of Tulsa. We offer premium services and the cheapest rates on all Juvenile bail.  When a Youth goes to a Juvenile Detention facility, it is the worst feeling any loving parent can have to have a son or daughter in Juvenile and to have to have them bailed out.  We understand the situation you might be facing; Stress, pain, and the anger.  Let us help you by offering you the lowest rates for bonding your children out of the Juvenile Detention Center.  We also provide payment plans and submit credit card payments.  We Can Lower our prices even more when paying with cash up front.  Call us for more details on how to bond your child out of the Tulsa Detention Center.

The problem with the Tulsa Juvenile system,Posted on YouTube by Michael Willis

How to Post a Bail Bond For a Tulsa Juvenile?

Alameda Bail Bonds believes that a child is the most important thing to a parent.  Bailing a Juvenile is a Two Step Process.  First, the Parent or Legal Guardian is the only ones allowed to Bond out the Juvenile. The Bondsman and the Parent or guardian will meet at the Juvenile Detention Center.  Then the Bondsman will have to get the officers at the Juvenile Detention Center to have the Juvenile sign the Bond.  After this, the Bondsman must take the Bond to David L Moss Criminal Justice Center fo the process.  The Tulsa County Jail will Call the Tulsa Juvenile Detention Center and will have the Juvenile bonded out.  The Juvenile will make their application with the bail bondsman in front of the parent.  We can have your child back home with you in a matter of a half hour to an hour.  Call us at 918-599-7651; we can help you through your crisis.

We help Children at Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa

We help Children at Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa

Tulsa Juvenile Detention Center Address

 315 South Gilcrease Museum Road.

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127

Phone (918) 596-5960

Alameda Bail Bondsman 24 hour Hotline for all Juvenile bail Bonds 918-599-7651

You can text this Tulsa Juvenile Bail Bondsman 24 hours a day for information and quotes at 918-361-7267

As a Parent I can relate with what your going through I can help you with this matter
— Tulsa Juvenile Bail Bondsman, Angel Alameda