Tulsa Art on Brady Street

Tulsa Art on Brady Street

 Mayes County Bail Bonds

Needing Bail Bonds services to Mayes County Jail, Located in Pryor, Oklahoma.  We offer services to the Mayes County Jail, and at a Savings you can rely on.  Alameda Bail Bonds  and its staff of Qualified bail Bondsmen, will make sure that you get great bail bonds services for a price you can afford.  Angel Alameda Oklahoma Bail Bondsman and his Staff will dedicate service for you and your loved one at lower rates then just about all other bail bonding services.   By offering people lower bail bond rates in Mayes County, people can hire proper legal counsel.  We believe that to beat a charge it is always important to come prepared to court.  A good Attorney can go a long way and will help people by representing them and helping beat the defendants charges.

We can meet you at the Mayes County Jail located in Pryor, Oklahoma during regular court hours.  Our Bondsman Angel Alameda can start the bail bonding process as soon as the application is filled out.  The defendant is free in about 30 minutes after posting the bail.  The defendant gets a court date and will have to go to the Mayes County Court House for all appointed days that  the Judge provides.  Whenever someone bonds out of jail from Custody, the defendant must hire an attorney.  Please be aware that the courts will not let a defendant have a public defender to resolve his or her case if they make bail.  

Please be aware that you are signing a contract with the Mayes County Bail Agency and will financially responsible if the defendant does not go to court, forfeits the bond, and flees without apprehension within the allowed period.   We always ask that if you do not know the person, do not cosign for the bail.  It is better not to get involved with something that can still come back and bite you because you were not aware nor advised of the consequences.

Why Choosing Alameda As a Bail Bondsman In Mayes County is the Smart Choice ?

If you know the person incarcerated at Mayes County Jail, we will gladly help you with their release.  We feel it is it is essential informing all Cosigners on precisely what they will be cosigning for other than worrying about making a quick dollar.  Our industry like any other has Agents that will not bother explaining this to people, by taking time and giving people the facts of the bail bond process makes us different.