Alameda Bail Bonds serving Muskogee County since 2010

Alameda Bail Bonds serving Muskogee County since 2010

Muskogee County Bail Bonds That you can Afford

Alameda Bail Bonds can provide 24-hour bail bond service to Muskogee County, Oklahoma.  We can assist with bail bonds that are $10,000 and higher in the City of Muskogee.  We will meet families either at the Courthouse or detention center and post bail immediately after the paperwork work is complete. If the sum of the bond is more significant then $50,000, call us at 918-599-7651 and ask about our cash discounts.  We offer cash discount from 8% and as low as 7% to assist families trying to bond a loved one from jail. 

Day and Night Service Available for Muskogee County Jail

We will need to know early in the morning if you need assistance for Muskogee because we must obtain a Letter of Good Standing from our court clerk here in Tulsa to present to the Muskogee County Jail.  As long as we have that necessary documentation, we can post bail in Muskogee County.  Once we have that letter, we can meet at the courthouse or the detention center to get the person who is in custody back to their family and friends.  

The Bail Bond Process in Muskogee County

When someone bonds out of Jail Custody it is crucial that they attend all required court dates.  If the defendant does not go to their court dates the courts' issue a bench warrant and the bond is forfeited.  Whenever the courts forfeit the bail bond, it is vital to bring the defendant back to court to fix the matter, or they will have a warrant for arrest.  The bondsman will then notify the cosigner, and the cosigner must help locate the defendant. The defendant must be back in the County Jail within three months after the forfeiture date, for the cosigner to off the liability. If not then the cosigner will have to pay the courts the full amount of the bond.  Alameda bail bonds advise that you know the person who you are cosigning for a bail bond.

Muskogee Bail Bond Fees for Service

We understand that no one prepares for these events, this is why we offer two choices at Alameda Bail Bonds.  The first choice is a cash Discounted rate if the family has the funds available we can sell the bond for less then the Normal rate of 10%,  we usually charge 8%, 7%, or our lowest which is 6%.  The second choice is a payment plan which we can not discount the bond by much, and you will need at lead half down.  We try to help everyone at Alameda Bail Bonds so if you need assistance call us at 918-599-7651.  If you prefer to text us, you can text 918-361-7267 24 hours a day.