Oklahoma Bail Bond Scam!!!

While attending Continuing Education course this year, it was bought to our attention of the growing scam that has been going around our industry. this blog was created in order for people to understand what is happening and how to fight back. The more the client is informed the lest the risk are that this could happen to you.

The way this scam works is people are looking at the jail roster and finding out who has been bailed out of jail.  Once they gather the information needed they will get the information on who bonded these people out through OSCN or ODCR.  Once that happens they will try to contact the people and demand payment from them on their bond portraying to be either a Bondsman or a Bail enforcement agent.  They might go as far as calling clients and pretending to be a collection agent and demand payment or the defendant will be put back in custody.  The prey on people whom do not want to go back to jail so often people will pay to be left alone.

There are several ways to stop this.  If this is happening to you call the number for the bail bondsman that you received through a business card, your original receipt, your copy of the contract, or you can look them up online.  Call the Bondsman immediately, ask the people at your door for either their bail bond license and a Oklahoma ID or their Bail Enforcement license with a Oklahoma ID.  The reason to ask for a Oklahoma ID is our pictures are on our license so you can match it with the ID if the license is a fake.  If they refuse to show you credentials contact your local law enforcement.  Do not pay anyone a dime until they can 100% prove to you they are who they claim.  Do not ever give anyone your credit card info on the phone either. tell them you will go to the office and pay them.

Taking these simple steps can save you from being scam, be smart and take a moment keep this shenanigan from happening to you.  If you are one of Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa clients be aware you will only deal with Angel Alameda.  You will never have a collection agent call you or a bail enforcement agent show up at your door. Angel Alameda, Oklahoma Licensed Bail Bondsman is the only person you will ever deal with. We hope this information can keep you safe from the scammers out there.  Thank you and have a good day

Author- Angel Alameda: Owner of Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa.

July,7 2016