Sand Springs man Accused of

A Tulsa man named Matthew Mathena was arrested in Sand Springs for allegedly kidnapping a woman that he picked up from work, assaulting her, and threatening bodily harm to her with a screwdriver.  The incident happened at 81st west Avenue and Charles Page Boulevard were she works at and said Mathhew Mathena and another woman showed up to pick her up.  She claimed that he was aggressive and yelling at her.  She dropped off the other woman and Mathena told her to keep driving, he then grab her and kept threatening her.  She tried to flee the car but was unable to do so.  She called a family member and he pulled out a screwdriver and she took it from him and tossed it out the window. they stopped at a Quick Trip and he continued to tell her to get in the car.  They were pulled over for a traffic stopped and he wasarrested and eventually booked in to David L moss, Tulsa County jail on 75,100 in bonds.  All Defendants are innocent until proven guilty in court of law

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