Social Media and your children BE AWARE!!!

Another Predator caught thanks to a parent who took time and did the right thing.  These people are all over Social media targeting young children.  This guy will not be doing this now for a long time I hope.  We need to check our children's phones and accounts from time to time.  It is not violating them, and if you think so, then you are more of a friend to your child then a parent.  Sorry if you do not like hearing that, but it is true.  We need to be the adults here and remember these are our children, they may not like what we have to say sometimes, but if we sugarcoat it or pretend it doesn't happen, then it could be our kids next.  Not saying the child is at fault here but I am happy the parent did the right thing and did not ignore it.

My personal opinion is Children do not need to be on Social Media; they need to be children outside playing with friends and enjoying life.  We need to protect our kids from these predators which are easier said than done.  I don't know why a 10-year-old needs a cellphone in the first place.  Maybe I am old fashion, or perhaps I am scared knowing there are a lot of sick individuals living among us.  We are the only protection our children have.  If we are too busy ourselves online, then our children would be curious to see whats so fun about it.

Author: Angel Alameda, Tulsa Bail Bondsman

Story and video: News on Six Tulsa