8% Bail

People often ask me why I charge 8% bail bond rates for my service. I do this to help families in Tulsa, the way the economy has been for several years, people need a little breathing room. When some uses a bail bondsman, people are not told that they will need to hire a attorney as well. Basically if someone uses a bail bonds agency in Tulsa, they pretty much lose the ability to have a public defender to fight their case. A district Judge will look at matters this way, you have the money to bail out of jail, now you will have to hire legal counsel as well. Even though citizens have a right to legal counsel if they can't afford one, the judge will not budge. Most attorneys in Tulsa will take a retainer and you can pay then every time you get money. Most will work with you. So the main reason I sell Tulsa bail bonds at 8% rates is to actually help my clients get legal representation.

We try to keep our overhead as low as possible so we may be able to offer those service. We always ask clients to mention our bail bond services and their experience with our service. This help us a lot at often I hear some Tulsa bail bond companies treat clients like they are guilty of what they are being accused of. We do not do this, it's our job to provide a service and if we did judge clients we would be in the wrong business. We don't judge anyone, we are not the police nor a jury.

Even at times when people refuse to take care of their obligations with the courts and we must look for them, if we find any illegal narcotic, we never turn it in to booking at the jail. We dispose of it properly. Some people are already going through a lot, the last thing they need is a bail bondsman trying to have new charges added to them. Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa tries to help every person that skips bail before we go look for them. Some people get scared of the legal system and I do not blame them one bit.