Are Bail Bonds Refundable in Tulsa?

Are Bail Bonds in Tulsa Refundable?
An ongoing question that Tulsa Bail Bondsman Angel Alameda gets asked a lot. If someone bonds out of jail anywhere whether paying cash or using the assistance of a bail bondsman is the money refundable. The answer is yes, and no, I will have to explain on the yes and then on the no. 
If a family puts up all the money up front toward the bond then when the defendant goes to all court dates yes the payment is refundable. Let's say The person in custody has a 500 dollar bond. If the family puts up a cash bond of 500 dollars, then that money can be used to pay fines and court cost or can be refunded to the payer once the accused accomplishes all mandatory court appearances.

Bond by a Bail Bondsman
When someone chooses the services of a Surety Bail Bondsman in Tulsa, the Bond Agency acts as the Guarantor between the Cosigner and the courthouse.  If the bond is $5000, then the Cosigner will hire the services of a Bail Bondsman to pledge the $5000 and will charge $500.  Now is this money refundable, well under certain conditions it may be.  First, let's say the person being accused gets an Immigration hold and is not released but instead detained by I.C.E (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) then the bail bond may be refunded as long as the person in custody has not signed the Appearance form.  The other case will be if the person in Jail has warrants and gets a hold for another county or State is placed, and the Detention Officer catch them before the person signs the bond then the bail can be refunded to the payer. If the person signs the appearance bonding form and is released and the charges are dropped the money cannot be refunded because the service was performed to free the individual from custody.  People get upset but do not understand that the person was free out on bail and that the service was complete.

What if the person chose to do a payment plan on such bond?
Most bond agencies require at least half down if a payment plan is in order.  What Alameda Bail Bonds does differently is to offer to client other options.  Let's say the bail-in question is $100,000 and other agencies want at least $5,000 down and a payment plan for the remaining balance.  What we do is we will do the bond for 7% to help out the client.  Even if the client does not have the $7,000 we will often work with them for the same $5,000 the other agencies will charge and give them 90 days to pay the remaining balance.  We feel by doing this it saves them $3,000 and they can gather that money for an attorney.  Be careful with some payment plans because they add interest and late fees.  We never do that to a customer; We will work with people to help them and not hinder them.

Author: Angel Alameda

Tulsa Bail Bondsman and Owner of Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa.