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This is Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa

This is Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa

In today's world money does not come as easy as it once did. People usually don't have a savings account just for bail bonds. Most people never heard of bail bonds until someone call them late at night from the Tulsa County Jail. These situations always catch families when they don't have the funds to bond a loved one out.  To make matters worst if a bond is around $20,000 it usually cost a family $2,000 to bond a loved one out of jail.

Yeah Tulsa Bail Bonds do not come cheap. Be careful of low percentage bail agencies that offer 2% down. If you don't follow their payment plans it's a quick way to end up back in custody. So what is a person to do. At Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa we can help you with 8% bail bonds on a $20,000 dollar bond. So your looking at 1,600 premium then if you can at least pay 800 down we can help you by extending the rest of the 800 if you can pay in a couple of months.  We do this to help families as much as we possibly can. We do accept credit cards for our services if that helps you out even more.   Tulsa bail bonding couldn't be any easier then it is with Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa. 

We advice the Public to be aware of Advertisement plastered all through Tulsa as well with catch phrases to make one think they are getting cheap services and in reality they pay for all the advertisement.  Be aware of bonding agencies that wind up suing 25 percent of client, because the client couldn't afford their ridiculous payment plans.

To make things worst is some of these bail bonds companies add so many ridiculous fees and interest as well. This by any means is not a good service. This is not what business should do to loyal clients, but it happens every day in room 158 at the Tulsa County Court house. It has been so bad that certain bail bonds agencies were using David L Moss Jail as a way to receive money.  Basically either you paid or back to jail you went.

Stanley Glantz fix this abuse so they would not be bill collectors of bond premiums. Judges at Tulsa County Courthouse had gotten tired of Bondsmen trying to put clients in for not paying. One judge said it best "we aren't your bill collectors, these people are going to court and that's a civil matter".  Just do some research and you will make the intelligent decision by yourself.    

Author Angel Alameda

Date Publish 11/11/13