Being a Tulsa Bondsman

Ever since A&E hit shows like Dog The Bounty Hunter and CMTs Hit show , Tulsa bondsmen phones have been ringing, with people asking what does it take to become the next big thing in the Bail Bonds Industry or Bounty Hunting. Well let me start by saying be prepared to not have a normal life. In Tulsa bail bond agents post bail 24 hours a day every day all year long. It's not just a hour show it's a lifelong commitment that does not end until a judge exonerates the defendants Bond. This can take years if your client chooses to take their case in front of a Jury Trial.

Dog the Bounty hunter aka Duane Chapman and his wife Beth have many, many years of doing their jobs. They are successful because Duane and Beth are both determined not to fail and their business of Bail Bonds. If you ask both of them you would hear them say the same thing any other Bondsman and Bounty Hunter will. It's not a normal job and it's not safe. They have been to Oklahoma and are for the Bounty Hunter Bill. I myself agree with what they are for. In Oklahoma we have had several incidents that has put the public in danger. Some recovery agents believe they are above the Law, which in fact they are not and jeopardize not only their safety but the safety of the defendants, their families and people who have nothing to do with the bail bond themselves. We as bail bondsmen must not let this continue. And the senate and Governor in Oklahoma have stepped in to put restrictions on what you can and can't do.

There is a fine line when it comes to bail bonds and peoples rights in this country.
We as bondsmen in Tulsa must never forget that we are all human and most people missed court for for many reasons other then skipping bail. It's amazing what a simple phone call or just a visit to a defendants home without disrespecting anyone can do. Most defendants usually do not pay for their own Tulsa Bail Bonds, but instead family members, or friends step in and pay a bondsman for these services. Then come find out now they have to hire a attorney as well. You heard correct, if a person in Tulsa bonds out they are required to hire counsel.

Then every now and then you will have the best bail bondsman in Tulsa make a error and bond out someone that is dangerous and has no intention of returning to court.  This is where the stakes are high because Tulsa Bondsmen only have about 3 months to bring these people back to jail or pay.  This is what i tell all people that ask me, is it a easy career to do.  One bad Judgement can cause your livelihood.  You have only minutes at times to make that choice if that bail bond will turn out being good or not.  Most of the time it is, but all it takes is a big bond to skip and hide and it will fall back on the Bondsman the Surety and the Cosigners.  Remember do your homework if not you may spend several weeks chasing someone and its not as safe as it looks. 

Author, Angel Alameda

Date Published, 12/16/13