Happy Fathers Day

We would like to take a moment and give thanks to all the fathers who have given us support throughout our lives. Though some may be gone on this special day, we live their memory. The magic between a father and a child is always as strong as a mothers'. A good father makes sure that he can go work and provide for his family. Mother do this too of course and unfortunately some mothers have done this alone without the support of the child or children's dad. It's a shame because every child deserves both mom and dad. But this is not always the case. Sometimes a dad will fill in the shoes of an unfit mother, or deceased but a father will always try his hardest to make his children smile.

I have been blessed with a child and though I really never had a chance to experience what a father was, I was always, and will always be their for my little girl. It's my duty to God to take care of the gift he has allowed me to create. My goal in life is to make her strong and smart that way she could pass this along to her children someday if she gets lucky to have them. I'm happy to say today that I am a father, amd I am proud to have a child in my life, and I will always put her first before me. I want all dads out there to know that we are lucky to be able to have children. Even men and women who adopt understand this as well. It's all about the look on a child when they see you when you get back from work, when you take them for a walk, a bike ride, or even a ice cream. Men don't ever get so involved in work that they forget about their kids. They need you as a role model to mold them to be great adults some day. Thank you to all dads in this world that make this happen everyday.
Author Angel Alameda