Teen Killed By Tulsa Officer

Last week a teenager was shot and killed by a Tulsa Police Officer.  The 19 year old was dating the Officer's daughter for about a week.  Jeremy Lake was walking home with Lisa Kepler age 18, when her father, Shannon Kepler driving a black 2007 Suburban approached her, and asked her what she was doing there.  Jeremy Lake when to introduce himself and was shot and killed at the scene.  Lisa's Father also shot at her, but missed her, and a bullet ricochet of the ground, and grazed Jeremy's younger brother.  Josh Mills, who is Jeremy's friend, who has medical and military training tried to aid Jeremy for about 2 minutes before he passed away.

Shannon Kepler age 54, a 24 year Tulsa Police Officer, for took off and when the Tulsa Police found out it was one of their own they started to look for him.  His wife Gina Kepler age  48, whom is also a Tulsa Police Officer, was also sought after for not doing her duty as a Police Officer, and being a accessory to murder after the fact.  They both surrendered at the Detective division later that evening. When they surrendered the gun wasn't with them nor was the Suburban.  They were both off duty when these events took place.  Mr Shannon Kepler is Being held without Bond at the Tulsa County Jail and His Wife Gina Kepler was Bonded out on a $25,000 Bond.

The weapon and the SUV where both found at a later time.  Mr Shannon Kepler attorney made a Statement saying that Shannon Kepler will plead not guilty.   The attorney also state that his client had a "viable if not perfect defense"  This has bought out a lot of hate to the Tulsa Police but we all must be inform that it was not a group of police officers that did this, just one man, and whatever his motive might have been some young man lost his life over it.  We cannot judge out police for incidents that certain officers do.  That wont be fair because we are all human and we all might experience a point in our life where we might snap ourselves. 

Please do not get this wrong at all, I am not saying that Jeremy Lake needed to lose his life over nothing, as a matter of fact if Shannon Kepler is found guilty then he should receive the same fate he handed this young man.  What I am trying to say is that no one is perfect and people forget once you pull a trigger from a weapon its just to late to take anything back.  Even people in charge will make foolish mistakes, what I am saying is most police officers are not out there to kill us.  Soon enough we will find out exactly what took place at N Maybelle Avenue.  To think it happened just behind the Tulsa County Jail.  R.I.P Jeremy Lake you were taken from this earth way to young and God Bless your Family.  From what I have read this young man had a future that was taking from him. 

Author, Angel Alameda