Mayfest 2014

Mayfest is a Downtown event for Arts and Music on May15th through May 18th. It's been a part of tulsa as far as I can remember. These outdoor festivities are made for the whole family to enjoy the best of Tulsa Arts and Music. Tulsa police will be out in full force checking for underage drinking, Public Intoxication and other crimes to protect the public. To avoid any encounters that may end up in the Tulsa County Jail you should follow simple rules.

If you intend to consume alcohol please use a cab service or have a designated driver. On the average a DUI can cost thousands of dollars when a cab fare will be less then 30 dollars. This is a no brainer to keep you out of jail.

sometimes people will tell you to buy beer for then cause they forgot their ID at home please don't do it. Buying alcohol for minors will most likely end up with a person going to jail. If the forgot their ID they just have to drink soda.

You could be having a great time until you meet someone who isn't and they will provoke you to a fight at times. This is not worth it. Just talk to law enforcement and let them deal with the hecklers. Last thing anyone needs is a assault and battery charge just cause someone else started it. There will be officers all around just inform them about the issue.

Be careful with pickpocket people who can steal all you have without notice. Take enough money just to have a good Time. If you feel you been victimized let the authorities know.
Alameda Bail Bonds wishes all of you a safe Mayfest. Enjoy the weather, the talent and most important be safe. Hopefully you will never need our services but if you do remember we are your gateway to freedom in Tulsa. Have a safe time and God Bless Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Author, Angel Alameda

Date Published:05/ 06/ 2014