Public intoxication

Most of the time people go out to have a night of fun and excitement in the city of Tulsa. Some people might find themselves behind bars cause the are intoxicated and just walking. Quite often it will be a city charge where you can be released by the jail after 16 hours. If a person decides to just sit in jail for 16 hour the City Courts will release them on time served. Sometimes these charge will be County and they will have to sit a lot longer until a tulsa County District Judge will see them. Most Bondsmen will not wake up in the middle of the night to post a $150 City bond nor a $100 County bond for a public intoxication. They charge a minimum of $100 and on up for bonds. Alameda bail bonds will charge $50 minimum and does wake up in the middle of the night to do a city or county bail for any public intoxication. We feel that it's part of the service we provide and believe that not all bonds will be high. If in case you feel a need to call us for a public intoxication bond please feel free to do so. At Alameda Bail Bonds we are "Tulsa's Gateway To Freedom".

Author: Angel Alameda

Date Published: 03/27/14