Rehab while on Bond

We all understand that drugs are a addiction and most people need help to get rid of this habit. Most times a rehabilitation center is the only place to help the majority of drug users. They provide facilities designed to help patients succeed in kicking their habits. Whether medically or spiritual, these places do help people that need help.


When someone is on bond though the court will not excuse them from court unless the Judge approves this first. Basically if someone out on bond and needs help they must have their attorney speak with the District Attorney and Judge to see if the Courts will allow this while you are going threw the court process.


If a Judge is not aware the defendant is not in rehab and they have a court date you can almost guarantee that they will issue a warrant for arrest. Once a person has a warrant for a fail to appear it makes it harder to fix this unless the defendant is present with the attorney and bondsman. This can cause problems for whomever cosigners for the bond. Please contact your bondsman and attorney if you chose to get help.


Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa is here to make sure all our clients seeking help, will receive it. We will try our hardest to make sure you will not only go to court but succeed any addiction you may be fighting. That's not part of our service, thats just the right thing to do.