Sand Springs and Tulsa Car Break-ins

If you park you car in Sand Springs, West Tulsa, and throughout the Tulsa Metro area are not safe anymore.  If you park your car outside a garage make sure you lock it and arm the alarm if you have one. If you own a security camera make sure you park in its view.  If you see anyone going through your car do not try to apprehend them just call the Police.  It is not worth your life or charges bought up against you because some district attorney may think you violated someones right.  As much as I hate to say that it is a reality we are living in a world where some criminal have more rights then the victims do.

Things you can do to protect yourself maybe is to have neighborhood meetings and have a neighborhood watch.  Little steps like this can keep the crime down in your neighborhood.  This goes for your home as well, if you receive a lot of packages you may want to talk to postman and ask them to but it behind your porch and not in front of your door.  There is no guarantee that thieves wont break out your window if they see something they want, so to deter them keep all valuables away from site. If they cannot see it they wont be tempted.  I hope this helps you not to be a victim in these times we live.  God bless you all and have a great week.

Angel Alameda, Tulsa Bail Bondsman