Domestic Violence

Tonight i went out to the City of Owasso to talk to a wife of a person who skipped court. I already had re endorse this person bond once and he turned around and missed court again on me.  I went to talk to them to see who we could resolve this since it is the Holidays and all.  

When i got the the residence all i could hear was screaming. I approach the front door there is a space where i can see in. The defendant was chasing her and had hit her in the back. He also told her he was going to kill her and he wasnt going to jail. My first instanct was to kick in the door and apprehend  this person until I saw the one year child and i remember her telling me she also had a 3 year old child as well.  That is when I knew it was better to call  the police then kicking in a door and risking the woman and childrens safety. 

We tend to thin that we have control of recoveries but in reality things can go wrong in a matter of seconds if we decide to be heroes.  Police Officers are trained to respond to situations like this and we are not. We must think of the safety of all involved especially children.  I am happy to say that the Police Officers handled this in a professional matter and no one was injured. The defendant was also taken in to custody for domestic Violence and the womam and children are safe. 

Growing up ive seen my fair share of abuse and i wish that upon no one. People who abuse women will never stop either. Hopefully the women can just realize that they matter too and move on with life away from the Abusers.   We can always hope for that anyway.  

Author, Angel Alameda 


Tulsa Bail Bondsman