Giving thanks for all we have in 2014

This has been a year for Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa.  We are blessed and happy for many reasons this year. As for myself being a Bondsman wasnt stressful enough when i had a tumor in my lymph node. Thank god it was benign and i can continue to post bail and provide for my family, speaking of the family, we did get to go to Puerto Rico to visit my mother, father, grandmother and other member of the Mercado and Alameda family. My daughter got to visit the beach and loved it. This was our first trip for Masako, Aki, and Myself as a family and we did awesome.  


On the business side i cannot complain at all. It hasnt been extremely busy but it has been steady. I am looking forward to what 2015 has to offer me in the field of Bail Bonds. Thank you Tulsa for making it another good year for Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa.  We have lowered the rates throughout the holidays to help all families be together.  Remember if you can donate a toy to Toys for Tots it will make a better Christmas for a child in need.  We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you have a safe one as well. 

Author, Angel Alameda