Tulsa Summer,2014

Tulsa, Oklahoma  Bar Scene.

Tulsa, Oklahoma  Bar Scene.

As the heat rises some people will be consuming more alcohol when they go out to  the Local Bars, Clubs, Events around Tulsa.  One way for someone to go to Tulsa County Jail could be just defending themselves from a drunkard attack.   We hope you never have to endure a situation like this, but if it happens you must protect yourself.  They best way to protect yourself is just walking away.  This is easier said then done because this doesn't always work out the way it should.  Our second advice is notifying Security in these establishments, this is what these people are hired for, to protect clients.  

If the encounter is outside well this is a different story. Just the other day I was traveling on highway 244 and I drive a Suburban.  I wasn't paying attention and I almost hit a truck.  Thank god I didn't hit this vehicle, so I knew it was my fault, but the person in the truck drove about a mile just beside me, and calling me probably every name in the book.  I don't know why he was so upset but i figured it was just best to ignore it because last thing any Bondsman needs is to go to Jail themselves.  As it gets hotter more people will have road rage, its impossible to avoid this, so please be careful.

If you must defend yourself, then by all means do.  Even if the police happen to arrest you, call us immediately we will help.  In the bail bonds business we cannot wish bad things to happen to anyone, but in reality in this world, it is unavoidable.  Just know that we will be there to bail you out of jail, if necessary. Some people that are out in the street actually are ticking time bombs, and to make matters worst they have weapons.  Just be careful when you are out in the streets of Tulsa.

If you have little ones make sure they get plenty of H20, this goes for pets as well.  Please don't leave a child or a pet  in a vehicle ever this is very dangerous, a car temperature can get close to 160 degrees quickly.  This can cause permanent brain damage if your lucky, or death to a child within Minutes.  Please no matter how quick you think it will take to do something please don't risk this.  Even worse with all the cars stolen when left running we wouldn't advice that either.  Lets hope we all have a safe drama free Summer in 2014.  

Author Angel Alameda