When People Run We Will Do what We can To Find Them

Sometimes people bail out of jail and refuse to take care of matters.  When they skip bail it cost the Surety, Cosigner and Bail Bondsmen money.  The process of locating these Fugitives at time cost money for investigation fees, Bail Enforcement Fees,  transportation cost if the defendant is apprehended in another Jurisdiction, and Confidential informant fee to help locate these individuals as fast as possible and to get them off the streets and back in Jail.   Most often this could be settled by not taking drastic means such as this and just getting the bond re-endorsed.  Oklahoma bail bondsmen have only a short period of time to get this either fixed, or have to pay the Courts the full amount of the bail posted..  At Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa We have created the Oklahoma"s Most wanted page to spread the word around on people whom missed court and need to be located.

June 2015 Most Wanted By Bondsman

Daniel Trevino.jpg

Daniel Garza Trevino

D.O.B 07/09/83

height: 5" 10"

Weight: 158

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Daniel Trevino is know to jump from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Harlington Tx as well as San Benito Tx. If you see this person please call Karri McBride at 405-614-3000  24 hours a day. There is a $1,000 reward out for any information leading to his arrest. you can get a hold of Karri McBride at  www.bailbondsangel.com 

Jevon Montae Glover Wanted For FTA WARRANTS


Arrest Age:19

Gender: Male

Birthdate: 05/09/1996

Height: 6'02"

Weight: 175 lbs

we have a 500 reward for any info leading to Mr Jevon Montae Glover arrest.  If you have any information please Notify Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa at 918-599-7651 or Text at 918-361-7267.  All information is confidential to protect our informants safety.


Tulsa's Most Wanted 

These are people that may be here locally running from the law, all these individuals are considered dangerous and should not be apprehended by anyone other then Law Enforcement.  Call Tulsa Police if you see any of the people roaming the streets Of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Kjrh Tulsa's Most Wanted

Tulsa Police Weekly Wanted 

Oklahoma's Most Wanted By Oklahoma State Bureau Of Investigations

All of these individuals are all considered very dangerous, do not try to apprehend any fugitive ever, if you know where any of these Fugitives are hiding just call your local law enforcement to get them put back in custody.  These people are wanted for numerous crimes, from robbery, sex crimes, and murder.  

OSBI Most Wanted Page

Oklahoma U.S Marshals Most Wanted 

Oklahoma Department Of Human Service Most Wanted For Failure To Pay Child Support

Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa understands that when people don,t pay child support their kids suffer.  It is not the childrens fault they were bought to this Earth.  People need to be held accountable for their actions and if they have a child they need to step up to the plate. Please contact child support hotline at 1-800-522-2922. You will remain anonymous.


Federal Bureau Of Investigations & Other Government Agencies Top Ten Most Wanted 

This are is reserved for the worse of the Worst.  When the F.B.I gets involved in a crime that means that is is severe and no matter where they go they will go after them.  Please if you ever see anyone from the F.B.I top ten be careful and contact the Federal Bureau of Investigations for them to apprehend the wanted fugitives.