Tulsa County Jail 24 hour Bondsman

We are the Tulsa County Jail bail bonds agency that offers you, top notch service, with the cheapest rates for bailing a loved one out of the Tulsa County Jail.  Our agency is open 24 hours a day to better assist you Day or Night.  We are located just blocks away from the Tulsa County Jail and can have your loved ones bailed from custody.  Our Bondsman can meet you at the Tulsa County Jail to do the necessary bail bond forms and post the bail while you fill out the forms. You need immediate services call us at 918-599-7651, we are available to provide answers you seek related to the bail bonds.  We will match and beat any competitor in Tulsa County to obtain your service.

Tulsa Inmate Bus in Front of the Tulsa County Jail.

Tulsa Inmate Bus in Front of the Tulsa County Jail.

We Will Save You the most Money on Tulsa County Bonds

When we save, you will save as well.  Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa keep its overhead low, we then can pass all the savings to the client, this provides us with business, and gives the client the savings they seek for bonding out a loved one. Even if you do not have all the payment up front, call us anyway, you can take advantage of our, no interest payment plans for all bonds, to further assist you. We accept credit cards for payment when you get your loved ones bonded out of David L Moss Jail. We can do no collateral for bail up to $50,000 with approved Cosigners. Our Tulsa County Jail Bondsman is bilingual to help Latinos who need services in Spanish. Even if you been turned down by the rest call Alameda, we provide services to all, and we will work with any client that call us.

The bail bonding process for the Tulsa County Jail

Sign in Front of Tulsa County Jail.

Sign in Front of Tulsa County Jail.

What we will need to provide services to the defendant is a cosigner. A cosigner is a person that, signs then contract for the bond, and will guarantee that the defendant will go to all court dates. If the defendant Fails to Appear, the bondsman can still help get the warrant removed, if the judge allows it, and if this is within ample time. We ask you to, please know who they are, before you try to sign your name for any bonds, at the Jail. Not doing so could cost you, a lot of money, if we cannot fix this, or get the defendant bought back to the Tulsa County Jail. We are honest with people because some Bondsmen will not bother telling you what exactly you are signing. We can assist you day or night at the David L Moss Jail.

out of Jail, now what?

David L Moss, AKA Tulsa County Jail Main Entrance at 300 North Denver Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103.

David L Moss, AKA Tulsa County Jail Main Entrance at 300 North Denver Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103.

After the release, the defendant must go to all required court dates until a Tulsa County District Judge exonerates the bonds. Sometimes people forget their court date. We always work with our clients to help them get back on a court docket by re endorsing their bond. As long as the cosigner agrees to remain liable, this is never an issue with our Bondsman. We do recommend that our clients retain the most important thing to help them while out on bail, an Attorney. Attorneys can help a client in more ways then they know. Between a trusted bondsman and a skillful Attorney, the client can feel relax that their freedom is secured.


Tulsa County Jail Location & phone numbers

David L Moss Criminal Justice Center

300 North Denver Avenue

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103

Phone: 918-596-8900

24 Hour David L Moss Bail Bonds Clerk Phone: 918-596-8892

 David L Moss Chain Of command

Tulsa County Sheriff: Vic Regalado

David L Moss Jail Administrator: David Parker