Tulsa, Oklahoma, Our City, Our Dream

Pictures that Tulsa Bondsman Took while, Walking, Driving, or sitting of this wonderful city named Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa believes in sharing posotive images to keep Tulsa looking its best.  We will always try to keep this website looking its best by showing all locations families can go out to have a good time in Tulsa County.  If you have any ideas or maybe you would like your location in our gallery contact Angel Alameda and he will go and take photos to share with the rest of the world in places like Google, Pinterest, Facebook, and our website.  Thank you Tulsa.


Greenwood, Black Wall Street, WE Will Never Forget!

What happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma between May 31 and June 1, 1921 should never be forgotten.  Our city went through the worst massacre of innocent black people in American History.  We most never forget history like this to avoid it from ever repeating.  Rest in Peace to all the victims of this Genocide.  Tulsa Race Riots have passed but will never be forgotten.


Local Businesses around Tulsa

While walking around downtown I take a lot of pictures to add to Google Maps as a Contributor and local guide.  It helps me get back to shape and also keeps me busy helping Google with pictures of other businesses in Tulsa.  Here are some that I have taken, if you would like to add your business feel free to email me at angelalameda1@gmail.com and I will add it with a link as well. Thank you for viewing my photos.


Tulsa Bondsman Collection of Flowers around Tulsa, Oklahoma

Random picture from Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa of flowers and plants and landscaping images.  We go throughout out Tulsa to take pictures in places like Woodward Park and the Tulsa Garden center just to name a few.  We will keep taking photos and sharing them for all to see.  Please remember we ar just Tulsa bondsmen and we are not professional photographers.  We do this as a hobby and we like to share these images for our friends in Tulsa and any other location throughout the world.  


Family Trips and Holidays


Helping my Daughters school in Tulsa


Jails, Courts, And Police Cars Across Tulsa,Oklahoma


Tulsa Bail Bondsman Prefers AUXBEAM LED LIGHTBAR for his vehicle.

Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa wants the public to know about a great item.  Auxbeam LED lights can brighten up you drive at night.  These people sell not only lightbars but Headlights as well.  Be Safe Oklahoma get a pair today.


Youtube Links By Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa

https://www.tulsaroute66bailbonds.com/ Merry Christmas to all Family and Friends. May you have a great one and a posperous New Year.
https://www.tulsaroute66bailbonds.com/ Seasons Greeting from our Family to yours. May you have a wonderful Christmas Tulsa, Oklahoma.
https://www.tulsaroute66bailbonds.com/ Just got the Santa inflatable in and the lights continue. Merry Christmas from Tulsa Bail Bondsman Angel Alameda.
My Speakerlab Super K after I treat them with the Howards beeswax. Love these speakers. Sorry no sound at the mpment just yputube music. https://www.tulsaroute66bailbonds.com/
Trying to get more music bit I am limited to non copyright music only.these have Enclosed backs and klipsch crossovers. Great sounding speakers for the price. https://www.tulsaroute66bailbonds.com/
Speakerlab speakers with Klipsch crossovers, klipsch drivers, enclosed backs like the 70th anniversary KHorn. They sound way better in person. I highly recommend these speakers of youre a audiophile on a budget. https://www.tulsaroute66bailbonds.com/
Not many videos on Youtube about these. These have klipsch crossovers and have had the sides encloused. Enjoy https://www.tulsaroute66bailbonds.com/staff/
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https://www.tulsaroute66bailbonds.com/contact/ Here is the speaker at work this is at 1/4 of a watt since my wife and child were sleeping during recording. Ive never put more then a watt through it with my Yamaha M4 Amplifier.
https://www.tulsaroute66bailbonds.com/contact/ Altec Voice of the Theater plywood cabinets with 511B horn and Jbl E140 woofers.
https://www.tulsaroute66bailbonds.com/staff/ Just listening to Killer Joe on Cox Cable late at night. Being a Bail Bondsman in Tulsa keeps me away from my hobby sometimes. But when its late at night and raining Ill sit back and enjoy music.
https://www.tulsaroute66bailbonds.com/staff/ Just a side view of the speakers. A nice day to listen to music.
https://www.tulsaroute66bailbonds.com/what-is-bail/ Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa wishes you all a happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas 918-599-7651
https://www.tulsaroute66bailbonds.com/staff/ Alameda Bail Bonds is thankful for its loyal clients in Tulsa and everywhere else in the State of Oklahoma. Happy Holidays 918-599-7651.
https://www.tulsaroute66bailbonds.com/faq/ Our Tulsa Bondsman and Family greets you into the festivities of the Christmas Season. Thank you Tulsa For allowing Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa to be the best Family oriented bail bonding agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.
https://www.tulsaroute66bailbonds.com/contact/ This cat knows peoples needs. This small Commercial was mad for Alameda bail Bonds in Tulsa for Facebook and Youtube. I kinda think its PURRFECT.
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https://www.tulsaroute66bailbonds.com/broken-arrow/ View from Jazz Hall of Fame of the BOK Tower while storms were rolling in. I was on my way to Boken Arrow Jail this night to post a bail bond. I had to stop because the sirens were going crazy in Tulsa.
https://www.tulsaroute66bailbonds.com/staff/ Tulsa bail Bondsman Angel Alameda Sharing the spirit of the Holidays with the People of Tulsa. Thank you for the past 6 years of letting us be your best source of Bail Bonds Tulsa.
https://www.tulsaroute66bailbonds.com/owasso-jail/ A drive through Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma by Tulsa Bondsman Angel Alameda.
https://www.tulsaroute66bailbonds.com/sand-springs-jail/ Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma views from Denver Avenue on a hot Summer day.
View from Owen Park of the City of Tulsa on October 28th 2017. Video uploaded by Tulsa Bondsman, Angel Alameda. https://www.tulsaroute66bailbonds.com/