Have A Warrant In Tulsa?  Alameda Bail Bonds In Tulsa Will Help You.

Most of the people who go to jail aren't hardened criminals, in fact most time its probably because a person received a ticket, put it away in the glove compartment,and completely forgot to pay it or to court on it.  Believe it or not this really does happen.  Do you remember when was the last time you received a ticket, If you do not know, call us and we can check to see if you have any warrants.  Its always better to be safe then sorry, because you may be driving around Tulsa without knowing you have a warrant.  If you do happen to have a Municipal or County Warrant, no problem, we can this fixed for you.  By taking care of your warrant you wont have to be looking over your shoulder.  Also remember places like Aberdeen Enterprise in Tulsa could help you pay of your county fines. there is more information about Aberdeen in the bottom section of this page.


You may not even have to surrender at Tulsa County Jail for your Warrant.

Having a warrant does not make you a bad person. it just means, you missed a court date.  Sometimes you don't even need a Bondsman to do this if its a City Municipal ticket, call us to find out how.   Most often we don't have to get you booked in the Tulsa County Jail, we may be able to do this at the Tulsa County Courthouse,  if the warrant is for a  Application to AccelerateApplication to Revoke, or a Failure To Appear.   it will save you a great deal of time by doing it at the courthouse instead of waiting hours at the David L Moss Criminal Justice Center.  Please remember to have your I.D  handy.  When you arrive at the 2nd floor of the Courthouse with your Cosigner we can get the process started.  I usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes from the time you arrive at the courthouse to get this done. 

We are here Answer Any Warrant Questions you may have

Alameda Bail Bondsman, Angel Alameda can assist you with any warrant questions you may have.  We can and will help you.  Our goal is to provide all clients in Tulsa, bail at prices you can afford.  You will have Warrants out of your life by choosing  our services, call us at 918-599-7651 and lets see how we can help you today.  Before you go surrender we can make sure that the warrant is really active.  It can take at times up to 2 weeks for a warrant in Tulsa to be active.  if you seen it at OSCN it doesn't mean that the hard copy has hit the Warrants Department at David L Moss jail.  They must have the actual Warrant in hand before you can surrender. 

What Are Cash Only Warrants? Who Can Help You With That?

When someone is arrested and booked into jail on a cash only bond, most times this is for a outstanding balance on a fine and court cost. Unfortunately Bail bondsmen in Tulsa and Oklahoma only do Surety Bail. The fine will have to be paid or the person must sit it out until a Judge decides to set them up on a payment plan again. You can call Aberdeen Enterprise in Tulsa 918-794-0800 for County Cash Only Bonds.  They are a collection agency that works with the courts to collect fines and they can have you warrant recalled most times.  If you call Aberdeen Enterprise make sure you complete your payment plan with them.  If Aberdeen is not paid they will notify Tulsa County Courts and another warrant will be out for your arrest.  It is important to pay Aberdeen if you would like to stay out of Jail. We know Aberdeen Enterprise does work with Tulsa Counties and other Counties as well, at this moment we are not sure which other counties they provide this service for. 

After You Surrender And Bond Out Whats Next?

When a person surrenders onced the bail is executed, they will get a new court date, and will have to hire a Attorney to represent them in the court of law. They must go to all court dates given to them by the Judge in order to avoid any future Warrants. If they cant remember their court dates they call always call their bondsman and get it.  It is important to contact your Bondsman after all court dates and if you move, change your number, or need to leave the state for any reason.