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Tulsa Night Scene.

Cheaper Bail Bonds to Washington County, Oklahoma

Alameda Bail Bonds Wasghington County, offers clients low discounted rates to Washington County. In Bartlesville, we provide services for our clients. We will meet you at the Court or Jail and begin the bail bonding process. It is not hard to do, Plus you will save money.  That's just Our way of telling you to thank you. We can send a Bail Bondsman to Washington County Jail to meet you and get your Loved ones out during regular business hours; we prefer earlier because we must travel from Tulsa to do so. We can only post bail bonds in Bartlesville during weekdays and regular court hours.

 Lower Bail Bond rates & payment plans for Washington County.

Let out Bail Agents Help you and your Family with your Bail Bonding needs.  At Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa, We help all in need, and We provide services to help the family get their life's back together in the State of Oklahoma.   Alameda Bail Bonds believe by keeping our overhead low we can directly pass on the savings to you.  We can save you thousands of dollars on larger Bail Bonds.  We have excellent reviews on Google and other search engines as Bong, Yahoo, and so on, about Alameda Bail Bonds saving people money.  You can call us to speak with one of our Bail Bondsman and discuss How we may be of service to you. Our Bail Bonds Agency offers:

  • No Interest Payment Plans
  • Accepts Major Credit Cards
  • Bilingual staff
  • No collateral on Bail Bonds up to $50,000 ( with Qualified Cosigner)
  • Cash Discounts as low as 7%


Live in Bartlesville and need assistance in another Oklahoma County, Alameda Bail Bonds in Tulsa can help you. We are licensed Oklahoma bail bondsmen, and we can post bail in all jails in the State of Oklahoma.  We can have families back together in no time.  Thank you for looking at our Washington County/Bartlesville Bail Bonds page.  Call us 918-599-7651 for quality service.  For Washington County bail bonds we go to the city of Bartlesville and meet families or friends.  By meeting people at the jails make it easier because families do not have to drive back and forth from an office to the detention center.

Bartlesville, Washington County Bail Bonding Procedure

You may be asking yourself how this whole Bail bonding process works.
When someone is detained, an arrest may follow.  Afte an arrest people go to jail and may have a bond which is a promise that they are free to go home on the condition that they go to all court dates that a judge demands them to do so. Families can pay the full amount of the Surety Bond for the release of an inmate, or they can receive the services of a Bail Bondsman as a Guarantor.  When you use a Bail Agency, it is necessary to have a Cosigner or an Indemnitor to guarantee that the defendant will make all court dates.  If the defendant misses court, the cosigner is responsible for paying the courts the full amount of bail or the defendant incarcerated within the given time.